Re-envision Your Library's Role Bringing Patrons Together Sharing Knowledge and Skills

The Community feature in Atriuum is designed to help you re-envision the library's role as a central, public space to bring patrons together to share knowledge and skills. Community posts can advertise groups, clubs, special events, workshops, and more.

Using the OPAC interface, patrons can quickly search for keywords and find not only traditional library resources but also Community posts for organizations and activities that are related to their search term.

Community posts provide descriptive details along with a logo, contact information, website, calendar of events, and direct links to social media resources.

You can create posts on the administrative side in Atriuum, and patrons can submit them using the new Interests tab in OPAC's My Items.

Community Spotlight

You might also choose to spotlight some groups and events on the new Community Spotlight widget that can display on the OPAC homepage.

Adding events and community groups to your online catalog is just the beginning of how the Community feature for Atriuum can help the library expand to new horizons and turn a traditional library into a center of innovation and connectedness in their community.

The Community feature is exclusively available for Atriuum 11.0 or higher.